Lifedrawing Re-imagined

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Naked people?

I’m a digital designer who 3 years ago got carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand. It felt like lightning strikes. You take for granted your hands, eyesight or any part of your body will always work, but then pain parks itself on your lawn. Mocks you. Tells you all the things you planned to do aren’t going to happen. Like that one day dream of making traditional art.

Screw pain.


Stumble forward

If I was trying to learn a musical instrument, then the start is finger placement and scales. Art equivalent is live human drawing. Lifedrawing. No concept, just technique. Hand and eye learning to work together. Compare the drawing against the model. Measure when an arm or an eye is out of place and fix it. Mix colors to match the skin tones and shadows before you. Rinse and repeat.

With yoga and lifedrawing, the pain went away, and in the process I thought…


She looks cold

What do you do with a bunch of naked lifedrawings?

It was after framing and hanging a few that the actual creative process began. I went online, picked clothes and painted them in, but lost all the detailed renderings of the body.

I tried to imagine the viewer interacting with the art.

The dynamics of lifedrawing is an artist looks at the model while attempting to capture their pose. That’s weird voyeurism. So flip it. What does the artist look like while looking at the model? What does the viewer look like when looking at the the artwork?

I started separating the works into layers. In this piece, a steel sheet is under the art. Glass over art. Beneath round mirrors are magnets. The viewer can dress or undress the life model. They can create their own patterns. They can play with light, shadows and colors. They can play and forget their own pain.

Pain becomes Art.

Art becomes play.

Play becomes Lifedrawing Re-imagined.


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